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A wedding is earmarked as the great step towards quitting singlehood. It is a new beginning and a different type of life which no one who has never been there really knows what exactly happens. A wedding comes with so much joy and excitement as it is a milestone in life. It is therefore indispensable to ensure that this particular day is nothing less than perfect. There are two major seasons and these are summer and winter. Each season has its pros and cons leaving you with a whole lot of mind boggling to do.

  1. Flower choice

First deciding on the color scheme, mainly focusing on the color of flowers you would like to have is very important. This owes to the fact that different seasons have different flowers. Winters also provide a longer shelf life for your flowers as they tend to last longer because the temperatures are low.

  1. Season’s glamour

Winter weddings tend to be very romantic and with some magic in it. The Christmas spirit already being in motion, one can have the most joyful and romantic wedding of the year. This is everybody’s time of the year and always more fun. You can go ahead to use snow to create a Christmas themed wedding to make your wedding totally rhyme with the season. This season also blends in with royal colors such as emerald green, sapphire blue, silver, deep blue and ruby red.

  1. Cost

Winter is typically an off-season for weddings. This will save you on budget costs as most of the venues will have discounted rates due to the low season periods. During the summer most wedding happen this time thus the prices for a full package wedding is quite on the higher side.

  1. Consider the holidays

You are assured of guests; friends and relatives; turning up in large numbers if the wedding comes during the holidays. Before making up your mind on the date for your big day consider the right season when most of your guests are not indulged in work stuff. This will ensure most of them turn up for the big day. Mostly summers are kind of an ideal time to have your wedding if you are planning on having a large crowd of guests.

  1. Requirements

Summer periods are the most popular times for people to hold weddings. Summer is a quite expensive affair as these days are also very hot. This means acoustic guitar serenades, flowers splashed every bit of the place, tents or patios. Weddings during this period scream for pretty pastels of cheerful bright colors. Drinks should be in abundance, there is no worry of rains spoiling the party.

Both winter and summer seasons are attractive and yet they also have their cons. If you are looking for a low cost budget wedding you should opt for a winter wedding but if you are out for a flamboyant wedding summer is the way to go.